Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer Opportunities

For the summer we have the possible upcoming projects in the Costa Rica Service Program:

The village of Cebadilla is scheduled to receive funds soon from the local municipality to remodel the one room school house.  The idea is to change the roof, change the windows, paint and re-tile the floors, we will supporting this effort there.

The APAPNEM (Association of People with Special Needs and Elders of Monteverde), is still battling the donation of the land and an opportunity has come up to manage the local cultural site and to use it as storage for APAPNEM's belongings. If this site is given to them for administration them clean-up of the facilities is needed , redoing the lights , collect and store inventory, varnish furniture and continue the building of unfinished crafts to raise funds for the association.

CASEM will be receiving teams to start the digging of the land of second store location on the opposite side of town of the first store, near the Santa Elena Reserve. They hope to "catch" tourists that do not make it to the Monteverde Reserve, the first store serves this last route. The second store will also serve as a depot to collect crafts from the associates, so they can be spared the expense and time of going from remote areas all the way to downtown Monteverde.