Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th, 2010

Thursday morning began with a misty shower outside. After a delicious breakfast we set out for our last day in Canitas. The final chocolate caliente and souvenir shopping at the B and B started the work day. We spent the day finishing the minor paint touch up in the kitchen, repainted the furniture, and placed the window grates back on the windows. The men of Canitas assisted by Jim finished roofing the outdoor bathroom. Inside Casa Club Carolyn and others scrapped the floor to ride the tile of paint spots. Kellie learned how to make empanadas in the kitchen and the snacks were deemed a success by the rest of the group.

The afternoon finished with a lovely presentation by both the people of Canitas and the volunteers. Words of thanks and gratitude were exchanged as well as small gifts. The volunteer women received earrings and the men bookmarks. With the funds left over from the project money Nia bought cooking utensils for Casa Club. Emilene read a poem she had written in Spanish that spoke of our wonderful time in Canitas. We were all sad to leave this little town but the huge painting project we completed and the new friends we made left us feeling we had given something to the community while receiving a great gift in return.

The day ended with a taco dinner and a taxi ride to Pizza De Johnny where the group enjoyed drinks and dessert. Final funny stories were told and everyone reflected on the last two weeks with a sense of pride. A wonderful way to end our time in Santa Elena.