Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Arriba! Arriba! Team 210 Global Volunteers Costa Rica Program

Eight volunteers descended last Saturday from their respective planes to go on a mission...The first two days had Heather, Omar and Mat digging for sand: project: mixing cement for the bathroom complex at the community center , Brittany, Jessica, Jeana and Gloria prepared wood and building scaffolds for paneling the teacher's quarters. Michelle helped the outside of the building with "facial scrub" and the inside was cleared , cleaned and organized for work by all.

Along with Elbin, Hugo, Minor and Marlene the ceiling framework is been built and the ceiling panels are starting to come up. So was the outside ceiling in the school house.Demolition of the lunchroom ceiling was initiated to rebuild .

Materials have arrived, tin roof for the bathroom complex at the community center and much more. It'll be a busy Wednesday!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Planting trees to off set carbon footprint.

Journal by Ella:

All 3 of us were working on the project in the green house reforestation with the native costarrican plants... sifting the soil to separate it from stones, then filling small plastic bags with it. Small seedlings were then transplanted into the individual bags and watered. Someday Igor will bring his children to see the trees that he planted.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Global volunteers Team 209 Colegio images

Team 209 Global Volunteers: Strong Showers keep us inside

The strong "green season" rains keep our team inside during the afternoon work time. Ella here is shown painting the door frame of the local high school Agricultural classroom, in the back Daniel the teacher.

Leonid was moved to the tourism class up the mountain to paint wood today. Igor continues to work with Rafa and takes care of the high school farm. His day consists of milking cows, making cheese, feeding the pigs, chickens, ducks and washing and maintaining the facilities.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Team 209 : Global Volunteers Costa Rica at local highschool

Our team starts the day by digging posts to replace at the new greenhouse site. This new construction will house growth of the reforestation trees (planted at Colegio site and the Santa Elena Reserve) and hydroponic vegetable garden.

Here Ella , Igor and agricultural teacher Daniel measure the plastic ceiling on the basketball court.

Tomorrow the structure will start coming up, but making cheese will be on the agenda by request.

"Here come the Russians" is our affectionate team name.

Ella and husband Leonid, defected from the USSR in the 90's and made a life for themselves in the USA as distinguished physicians. They traveled to Costa Rica with younger son Igor to offer him some "perspective" since Igor attends a private military school and has the benefit of many luxuries.

Team Leader is quite proud of the first day's work! Good Job Global Volunteers!