Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April 28th,2010

Picture: Luis, Zsuza,Rita, Maritza and Anna test out the desks

April 28, 2010 Journal Entry

I was woken up by the dog barking at 0500 and then Brad the rooster (we gave him a name) started crowing and would not stop. I had to close the window which had little effect.

We headed to breakfast at 0800 and we started with papaya. For some reason it is not my favorite fruit. Grace served us scrambled eggs and ham with toast and a wonderful cheese. Of course I had my usual two cups of coffee.

We didn’t start work until 1000 (The teacher had to teach early in the mornings) so we worked on our journals to put them into a word document for Nia. By the time we arrived at the classroom, the men were hard at work putting the sink in. Suzy and I started working on the desks and finished putting the second coat of paint on. They look like new. I think I have more paint on me then the desks do. Alexis was busy in the bathroom putting up the ceramic tile above the sink. Tomorrow we will have to find some blue paint to finish up.

Off to lunch in the school cafeteria. I shared the Tabasco sauce with everyone. The bottle almost lasted us the whole stay. What are we going to do tomorrow? LOL!!!

We headed back to the class and started cleaning and putting everything back. Even the freshly washed curtains were put back up. What a difference. It is really coming together. It is hard to believe that we will be finishing soon. I am going to miss everyone.
For coffee we had rice pudding made by Miguel’s wife. It was absolutely delicious!!!! The one thing I have learned to like is that there is some kind of snack served when you have coffee. We were picked up early at 1500 as Rita thought Suzy and I worked too hard. We came back and finished our journals.
We went to dinner at Mar & Tierra where we had fabulous seafood pasta. It was decided that we would take a taxi back rather than walk as it was raining off and on.

Thought’s of the Day
Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up. By Jesse Jackson
The journey is the reward. Chinese Proverb