Friday, August 23, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Experiences in Costa Rica

At 5:50 in the morning my mom, Maggie, and Justin took a spin class. After, we all ate breakfast and walked to the school. The school prepared a party for our leaving. They had turned oranges into butterflies and swans. They made and served dips, fruits, and tuna sandwiches. They presented my mother and me with certificates for our volunteering. Then the classroom and teachers began to salsa dance. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Alajuela. 

Karen with Jen and Lena
and their certificates

Final Celebration with Rural Tourism students

Karen teaching Justin to salsa! 

On our drive down we visited a black sand beach. They had a truck there that had Churchills (pronounced Church-e). It was ice cream, fruit, water ice, and cookie crumbs, layered in a large cup. We also created a list of our top ten favorite experiences (they are in no particular order).

My Mother's: 
  1. Maggie
  2. Justin
  3. Casem and the walk home from it
  4. Meeting Karen and the other teachers
  5. Santa Elena Reserve and meeting Johnny
  6. Chocolate Tour and Night Walk
  7. Planting/cultivating a garden
  8. Service to the school
  9. Walking in Alajuela (exploring a new city and trying new foods alone together)
  10. Mother and daughter time
My List:
  1. Maggie
  2. Justin
  3. Casem and the walk home from it
  4. Meeting Karen
  5. Being with my mom
  6. Chocolate tour
  7. Volunteering
  8. Santa Elena Reserve
  9. Teaching English
  10. Crepes and agua dulce (sweet water)
  11. Playa Porta Caldera
Saturday at the airport:

A family on the same plane as us (both coming to and going home from Costa Rica) stopped us and said, "We remember you. You two were so excited to be in Costa Rica on the way down." In the airport, two people independently complimented my mom on her Spanish.

Entry submitted by: Lena

Message of the Day - Lena: 
"Do all the good you can, 
by all the means you can, 
in all the ways you can, 
at all the times you can, 
to all the people you can, 
as long as you ever can." 
                    - Jon Wesley

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